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ANZ provides ongoing training and support to our accredited brokers.

Past webinar topics include:

  • Self Employed: Income from a Trust

ANZ Accreditation

The following documents the ANZ accreditation procedures for Approved Mortgage Originators and are in place to satisfy ANZ compliance requirements.


For individuals from your company seeking accreditation, ANZ requires an 'Application for Accreditation' form to be completed by the individual with the Authorised Company Representative section to be completed by the nominated Training Representative at your company.

The completed Application form must then be emailed by the Authorised Training Representative to ([email protected]) as a word document.

All applications received by either the applicant or a person who is not nominated as an Authorised Training Representative for your company will not be processed.

Please note

  • All fields MUST be completed.
  • Police checks are not mandatory and are purely for ANZ's reference.
  • There is no requirement for any documentation other than the application. Please do not send through Certificates, resume's etc.

If the applicant (or prospective Broker) is currently accredited with ANZ as a Mortgage Introducer or if they are currently an ANZ Mobile Lender the application will be declined.

To comply with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act all applicants must hold either their own Licence registration number or fall under an Australian Credit Licence holder as a Credit Representative – these details are to be provided on the ANZ Accreditation Application Form.

Should any broker wish to complete Face to Face Accreditation training, they can contact their ANZ BDM to organise a session. An application will be provided to the broker at the facilitated session and a confirmation email will be sent to yourself to approve the applicants ANZ Accreditation through your company.

If the applicant is approved to proceed to the ANZ Online Training, ANZ will forward an email directly to the individual copying in the Authorised Training Representative. Details of how to complete their accreditation training as well as their Login ID and Password to access their Online Accreditation will be included in this email.

There are 2 modules the individual will need to complete:

  1. Assessment Part 1 (covers Governance & Compliance and ANZ policies),
  2. Assessment Part 2 (3 scenarios covering ANZ product & policy)

The pass rate for both tests is 80% with a maximum of 3 attempts for each test. The individual will have 4 weeks to complete the test.

Upon successful completion of both modules, ANZ will email the individual direct and copy in the Authorised Training Representative advising of their ANZ Accreditation numbers. The email will also contain an Originator Details Form which the originator will need to complete, sign and fax to 1300 558 219.

Upon receipt of the originator details form, ANZ will post an Accreditation Certificate and ANZ Originator website access details to the individual.

Authorised Officers currently accredited with ANZ under another company must complete an ANZ Accreditation Transfer Request Form.

Transfer requests received without this written confirmation will not be processed.

Transfer forms sent with an exit letter from the Broker's previous Aggregator stating that the Broker has not left under any adverse reasons will be processed within 48 hours. All other Transfer requests may take up to 5 working days to process.

To comply with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act all applicants must hold either their own Licence registration number or fall under an Australian Credit Licence holder as a Credit Representative – these details are to be provided on the ANZ Transfer form.

In each of the procedures documented above, the Authorised Training Representative for your company is our key contact.

Therefore it is important that ANZ hold correct details on who the Authorised Training Representative is.

Review of existing Authorised Officers accredited with ANZ

It is important for both yourselves and ANZ that we hold up-to-date details on all Authorised Officers. Therefore, ANZ must be advised if an authorised officer leaves or is dismissed from your company, changes their details etc.

Where a request for confirmation has been sent to you relating to a broker who has completed their face to face accreditation, it is important you respond to this request in a timely manner.

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